Happy Sunday!
Or as someone recently suggested, "SunYAY!"

It took several months of persistence to finally have a conversation with one of my favorite Legends in the personal development industry, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD.

In the 1970's, Dr. Lipton was working on stem cell research at Stanford Medical School where he discovered that our genes are more influenced by human beliefs and one's environment rather than by family history.

That means your are not a slave to your genetic code.

If cancer runs in your family, it doesn't mean you'll get cancer too.

Instead of family history being the deciding factor, how you handle stress, what you eat, and your overall approach towards life are the driving indicators for whether you'll contract the dis-ease.

Many of the highly intelligent people I've interviewed have so much to say, they could barely fit it into an hour conversation.

When I sat down with Brian Tracy, I said, 'Brian, welcome to the show." and "Brian, thanks for being on the show."
He enthusiastically did most of the talking and I loved it!

It was the same with Bruce...
His insight and contributions are equalled with his passion for making our lives more enjoyable.

Here's the video of our conversation:

Enjoy your afternoon!

:) Tim

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